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Toddler Program
(12 months-3 years, do not have to be potty trained)

What Curriculum does Gurukul Montessori Academy Offer a Toddler?
Toddlers are naturally eager to explorer and learn and that’s just what they get to do each day in our environment. Our Toddler classroom is a space for toddlers to explore, touch, move, dance and learn. It’s so much fun that they don’t realize how much they are learning, changing and growing.

Academics: Classroom materials allow for cross-discipline activities and the introduction and development of academics, also called emergent academics. For example, a child playing with items in the water table is learning about science concepts like sink and float, wet and dry. Play money in the drama area encourages talk and vocabulary about money. Songs, puzzles and matching games help children become familiar with letters and numbers and colors (i.e., reading and math) skills). All activities are designed intentionally to help grow vocabulary, social skills and awareness about our world so that the child is academically ready to transition to the preschool room.

Small & Large Motor Skills: A child needs to use their small and large muscles every day as they grow so that they can later master activities older children can easily do such as eating, dressing, writing with a pencil, brushing their teeth and more. This category of activities includes:  sponging, pouring, brooming, rolling, clipping, dancing and group games, playing with hoops, riding bikes, playing outside, digging in a sandbox and more. As toddlers gain more control over their bodies, they can participate in our weekly Fitness or Yoga classes.

The Arts & Culture: Young children need to explore with all of their senses so our Toddlers paint, draw, glue, color, play musical instruments, listen to all genres of music, read and listen to books and act out finger plays and songs. They join the preschoolers for holiday and cultural celebrations. These activities help develop all of their senses, their literacy and their fine and large motor skills, too. The older toddlers can join Hindi class when they are ready to explore a new language.

Sensorial: Maria Montessori deeply believed in the development of all the senses and we do too! Young children learn through touching, tasting, hearing, smelling and doing.  Our toddlers develop their senses and are encouraged to touch, taste, explore and listen each day.

Basic Life Skills: To develop the whole child, Gurukul Montessori Toddlers also learn the basic skills needed to become independent and practice being social. These skills are learned directly through lessons and materials and indirectly through peer and teacher interaction. Sharing materials, putting on their coats and shoes, playing with friends, eating at a table and bathroom skills such as potty training and hand washing are some of the skills our toddlers practice every day.

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