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Parent Testimonials

"My son is in his second year of Pre-school at Gurukul Montessori. School is very academically focused and very disciplined. The school has a very good staff and we have open interaction with our son's teachers and the Principal. I have seen a large improvement in my son's growth academically as he started reading books, doing math and also learning geography. I am happy with his progress that he made at the School and I highly recommend the School."
- Venkatesh Shetty

"Gurukul" has truly been a blessing to the Indian community of metro Detroit. This is my son's second year here and I think he has learnt a lot academically and religiously. I would like to give credit to the patience & nurturing environment of this "Temple of Education." Thanks to everyone who is involved with this novel venture.
- Bhavna Kumar
"We are very pleased to choose Gurukul Montessori for our daughter Lalitha. I find your quality of education excellent. I sent my son to Acadia Montessori and the standards are on par with each other. Moreover, Gurukul offers something new that I have not known during the Kindergarten years of my son. The mix of rich Indian culture with Montessori education is awesome and unique. The knowledge and friendliness of staff is quite admirable. The tuition fee is reasonable making your school an affordable choice for parents looking for Montessori education. Thank you for making it a great place of education for our children to learn and grow."
- Padmaja Akella

I am asked that question quite a bit since I started sending my oldest daughter to school at the Bharatiya temple's spectacular program. I can't really provide a one-word answer... but I can inform many young parents of what attracted us and cantinues to attract us to this program.

Religion and culture: The students of Gurukul sing Bhajans, do Aarthi and prayers on a daily and weekly basis, instilling a sense of daily value for religion. Hindu and non-hindu holidays are observed, discussed, and acted out inside and outside of the classroom. For example, the students of Gurukul recently acted out a short skit for the Shivratri holiday. This event was awesome!!! It not only allowed the students to gain confidence in performing in front of an audience, but it also allowed them to be beautifully dressed in costumes. What better way to teach a child about religion and culture than actually having them enact it out? I know that my child will carry that memory for the rest of her life!

Education: The Montessori educational process is a very interesting one. "This system involves creating a learning environment tnat nurtures a child's innate desire to work, explore and learn. A Montessori education allows children the opportunity to learn by doing and developing skills at their own pace. This curriculum embraces universal values - peace, tolerance, compassion, self-discovery and spiritual awakening." The academy also does an excellent job of enhancing the academic program with extra-curricular activIties. Some examples of this would include field trips to an animal farm, visiiations to the school by police and fire men, the local dentist, and a naturalist to name a few. Students also have opportunities to learn dance and various languages.

Leadership. Gurukul has worked effortlessly in employing a dedicated, sincere, and highly qualified team ofpwfessionals. The temn truly cares about the students and their success. The teachers guide and challenge students creating an environment of excellence and an expectation of success, stimulating each student to achieve their best.

Price. Let's face it, cost is alvifays an issue! Gurukul is approximmely half of the cost of competitive Montessori programs in the area. This is a huge savings!

What more could you want to ensure the beginning of a successful life for your child or children? Right in your back yard, right in our community... check it out... you won't regret it!

- A very pleased parent.

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