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Admission Policy
Gurukul Montessori Academy offers toddler & preschool programs for children ages 12 months to 6 years of age. Children who are 33-36 months may be registered in our preschool with parental permission to place them in a multi-age group with a teacher/child ratio of 1:10. Younger children or children who are not potty-trained may be placed in our toddler room or on the waiting list. Unborn children may be placed on the waiting list. The school may require a birth certificate to verify a child's age.
Admission Procedures
The admission process consists of three steps. All three steps can be completed at the same time, if all the requirements are met.

Step 1 Application: To be placed on the waiting list, parents complete an Application for Admission form and pay a $100 fee. Registration Fee for Summer Camp is $50. On receipt of the completed application form and fee, the child‘s name is placed on the list effective that same day.

Step 2 Acceptance: There is no test for admission, however, the Principal or teacher will conduct a “Getting To Know You Visit” with the child prior to final admission to observe the child for signs of readiness. These signs include but are not limited to: separation from parent, interest in the environment, apparent ability to focus and follow a simple direction.

The school reserves the right to enroll children from the waiting list in a manner to balance classroom enrollments by age and gender. Children are not necessarily taken from the waiting list in “first come, first served” order.

Step 3 Registration: When an opening occurs and the child is of an age for program eligibility, the parent is asked to register the child by completing a set of registration forms and attending a parent orientation. Parents who decline an available opening will be asked if they would like to remain on the waiting list or removed from the list. The first tuition installment is due at the time of registration.

All children are accepted provisionally for a period of ninety days.
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